Phool Makhana | Foxnuts | Lotus seeds porridge for babies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: ¼ cup
For porridge powder
  • Lotus seeds - 1 cup heaped
Base porridge
  • Lotus seeds powder - 2 tsp
  • Hot water - ¼ cup
Savory version
  • Roasted cumin seeds/jeera powder - a pinch
  • Ghee - little(Optional)
Sweet version
  • Ripened banana - ¼
For porridge powder
  1. Pick each lotus seed & remove the black hard spots, if any. Split it with a knife & check if it is good as some seeds might have fungal growth in it.
  2. In a hot tawa, add the slit lotus seeds. In low flame, fry for 10 to 15 mins or until super crisp.
  3. Do not wait for color change. If u fry till color change, you will get charred smell in the porridge. Pop one into mouth and check for crispness. It shouldn't be chewy. It took around 11 mins for me.
  4. Once done, immediately transfer to a plate and cool down. Once cooled, transfer half the seeds to a small mixie jar.
  5. Pulse for 4 to 5 seconds, open & put back the remaining seeds to the same jar. Grind all together to smooth or coarse as you wish. It will just take 1 or 2 mins to grind.
Savory version
  1. Add 2 tsp Lotus seeds powder to a bowl along with a pinch of roasted jeera powder.
  2. Add required(nearly ¼ cup) hot water & mix well without lumps.
  3. U can add some melted ghee & feed the baby.
Sweet version
  1. Add 2 tsp Lotus seeds powder to a bowl, add required(nearly ¼ cup) hot water & mix well without lumps.
  2. Mash ripened banana(1 tbsp) well with fork/hand, add to it & mix well.
1.Do not add any other sweetener like sugar/jaggery/honey for babies below one year.
2.For sweeter version, you shall add any fruit puree that your baby likes.
3.Mix in big vessel using whisk to avoid lumps.
4.If u cannot avoid lumps, pulse in mixie to make smooth, if required.
5.No cooking required. If you couldn't get hot water during travel time, you shall just mix with cold water & feed as the lotus seeds are well roasted already.
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