Camphor and coconut oil for cold and congestion in babies and kids
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 tbsp
  • Virgin Coconut oil - 1 tbsp
  • Small round camphor - 1 or just ½ for small babies and first-timers
  1. Take a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in a dry pan. Heat in low medium flame until it is nicely hot. Switch off before smoke escapes as it might catch up fire.
  2. Add one(or half for small babies or first time use) small round camphor and it will dissolve completely in hot oil. Be sure that the stove is switched off when u add camphor. Once dissolved, transfer to a bowl.
  3. When it is still warm, apply gently in the chest.
  4. Then, some on the back, some on the back-ears and some on each sole.
  5. Make sure baby doesn't touch this oil. Put a soft cloth or a dress over the chest, so that the baby could still inhale the vapours of the rub. Do not apply in face(nose or eyes or mouth). Do not apply this on damaged skin or skin with any type of allergies.
Apply few drops as per age.. Do not be tempted to apply the whole prepared oil.
If you are trying this for first time, apply very little and check for skin allergies like redness, rashes, itching.
Wash your hands with soap after applying.
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