Neem Bath

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Natural Neem bath for Kids-1

Neem is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral asset of India !

Neem leaves keep skin diseases at bay and so are highly recommended for bathing. They are believed to soothe irritation , reduce inflammation and enhance skin complexion. What more is required ?!!

I am fortunate to have a 15-year old Neem tree just in front of my house. We enjoy the gentle breeze offered by the tree and thanks to my MIL who have grown it for us. I solicit my readers to “go green” and take a step to plant atleast one tree in your lifetime allowing the next generation to feel fresh air passing through their lungs!

Neem Bath for kids

Though daily neem bath is advisable to those who have a neem tree in their street, do opt for neem bath when the baby/kid had developed rashes in the skin.

Nilaa enjoys her Neem bath as it adds extra colour to her bath 😉

I enjoy giving her Neem bath as it adds medicinal value to her bath 😉

A win-win situation for both 😉

This Mickey-Mouse bath tub was presented to Nilaa by my SIL Dr.Indhumathi Maharajan and thanks Anni as Nilaa absolutely enjoys her bath in this tub!

I totally enjoyed this lawn shoot at my FIL‘s brother’s villa 🙂


Add neem leaves to a bucket and half fill it with hot water. Leave it for half an hour to 1 hour. Then add plain water and check the temperature to suit your baby. Now, discard the leaves from the water and bath your baby with this worthwhile water.

Neem Bath for kids and Babies

Nota Bene

  • You can leave the leaves in a warm water overnight and can use that water in the morning bath.
  • If you don’t use heater/geyser to boil the water, you can directly add neem leaves to the water and boil it on stove-top.

Natural Neem bath for Kids-2


13 Responses to Neem Bath

  1. fina torio says:

    Hi…I’m worried cause my daughter have molluscum so neem is the one of the midecine of that skin neem is safe with the kids just take a bath.I hope and I pray that this neem tree cure my daughter skin problem…thank you for sharing the neem-bath at my healthy kiddo pictures and the story of yours..

  2. Jananisundari says:

    Hi ..From which age we can do neem bathing to babies??

  3. Malini says:

    Hi ..I live in US..My child has severe ezcema..Will neem bath help her..I ordered some dried neem leaves online..Will this bath help ezcema

    • Shyamala says:

      @Malini, Ayurvedic references advice both Virgin coconut oil(Topical application) and warm Neem bath for many types of skin problems including Eczema. My sincere prayers for speedy recovery of your kiddo. Hope you have consulted your Pediatrician as well.

  4. Henna says:

    Is neem oil safe to use on babies skin? Baby has ringworm

    • Shyamala says:

      @Henna, Yes, pure Neem oil is safe for all ages. Traditionally Ringworm is treated with Neem oil application(thrice a day) due to its anti-fungal property. If the infection is severe, please do consult a doctor.

      • Ruby says:

        Hi. I am 19 years old female, , i have eczema on my hands and foots from back 2 weeks i hv consulted to dermatologist he gave me some medicine’s i am following that but my skin becomes too scaly it got cracked on fingers i am applying petroleum jelly
        I just want to gt rid of this as soon as possible because my board examinations are starting from 18 march 2017
        I want to ask that can i add vitamin E capsule to coconut oil and apply it on my hands.,,, will it work
        Plz suggest me i will b waiting for your reply thanks….

        • Shyamala says:

          @Ruby, Virgin coconut oil is advised for Eczema. There is no harm in trying natural coconut oil application. Do give a try. But, I have no idea about vitamin E capsule.

  5. Nilofer says:

    My 4 months old baby have rashes on her skin …I apply neem puree on her entire body while bathing…is it ok to apply neem puree daily during her bath???

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