Do’s & Don’ts

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  • First fix an appointment with a Gynecologist and discuss about pregnancy planning. Depending on your health and age, she might prescribe for folic acid pills when you start planning for a baby.
  • Next, fix an appointment with a Dentist and check for the goodness of your teeth. If at all, you encounter any teeth problems during pregnancy, it is hard to treat and the lil one in your tummy wont like painkillers too! I have seen many moms suffering from tooth ache and avoiding painkillers during pregnancy. Prevention is better than cure!
  • Note your fertile days and try your luck
  • Have a good rapport with your hubby
  • Start eating healthy before 3 months of baby planning.
    Check out the nutrition for moms-to-be


  • Avoid Laptops on the lap to avoid radiation and heat
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake from 3 months before conception till you stop breastfeeding.
  • Don’t be obsessed with conception. There is a trial period reserved for you every other month. Slow and steady wins the race !
  • Say no to stress and laugh away your worries
  • Avoid junk foods. Check out the foods to be avoided by moms-to-be


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