Do’s & Don’ts

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  • Colostrum is the initial milk (rich in antibodies) secreted for the baby to fight against diseases. At any cost, never miss to feed it to your baby. It is considered as the first immunization. If you have any feeding problems, you can easily express the milk with your hand to a clean bowl(or sangu) and feed it to your baby.
  • Baby blues(Postnatal depressions) are very common and will fade away sooner. All you need is nutritious diet and adequate rest.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps.
  • Summon some helpers like parents/in-laws/relatives/maid to take care of household chores.
  • Leaving baby in the safe-hands of dad or grandparents, take a break and do what you wish , be it reading a book or watching ur favorite TV show or whatever that relishes you and that will substantially recoup your dwindled energy to be happily spent with the baby again!
  • Do your postnatal exercises directed by your Physiotherapist to be back in shape ! Exercises are more fruitful than belly belts..
  • To avoid breasts-sagging , always wear brassiere. For feeding comfort, opt for exclusive feeding bra or the front open one. Tight bra will lessen milk supply whereas loose one will allow your breasts to sag. So, choose your right size and adjust the straps accordingly.
  • Breast size doesn’t determine the amount of milk production. Milk production is just based on your baby’s need. If consumption is more, production will be more.
  • If you have short or inverted nipples, use silicon nipple shields that stick to the breasts and gives a natural feel for the baby to try. But, frequently try without the shield for the baby to practice and so your nipples are pulled out naturally and sooner you can bid bye to the shields. Daily once or twice, you can use Manual pumping machines as they play a dual role in milk extracting and nipple pulling. I don’t suggest exclusive Nipple Pullers during Lactation as that squanders precious milk.
  • If the milk is not drained completely, milk would stagnate causing blocked ducts accompanied by acute pain. A miserable situation where motherhood fights to overcome the pains of womanhood! I endured it ! The best remedy is Ice Massage followed by draining the milk. Ice melts the blocked milk lumps and eases the drain. After ice massage, squeeze out some milk, clean the breasts and let the baby suckle the rest. If the baby stumbles, extract the milk using finger tips or pumping machine(Manual machine worked for me whereas my SILrequired Electrical pumping machine) and feed the milk to the baby.
  • Let the firstly offered breast be drained completely before offering the next one, so that the baby gets the required fat in the hindmilk completely. When feeding or extracting, do not switch between breasts often. First, complete one and then move to the next.
  • After feeding, put the baby to rest on your shoulder and pat his/her back until you hear a belch.
  • Cracked and/or sore nipples would not complement milk production. Mom’s peaceful mind accelerates more milk secretion. So, first get rid of the pain. When I faced the same issue, my Gynaecologist prescribed Zytee ointment(she told this is safe as it is used for mouth ulcer) which did magic to me. It was my life-saver! Pain vanished very fast.I just applied after every feed and washed it with plain warm water before every feed. Consult your Physician and get a right ointment available at your place.
  • Eat more calcium rich foods as your baby shares major portion of it via secreted milk
  • Eat variety of foods and include more milk-secreting foods. Check out the nutrition for Lactating Moms.


  • Do not practice stingy feeding. It is not a dwindling store that empties when extracted fully. It is rather demand-specific. If you extract more milk or feed your baby more, milk will be secreted more as the demand is more. Vice-versa also applies and so stingy feeding will result in less/no supply.  My grandma has fed to my dad and her co-sister‘s son in the same period. There is no insufficiency in mother’s milk as long as your body and mind are fit !
  • If you have feeding problems, never use syringe to extract the milk as it will damage your nipples.
  • I don’t advice hot water massage for blocked ducts as that might worsen the situation in some cases. I personally vote for Ice massage as I have witnessed the difference!
  • Do not change your feeding frequency abruptly as it might cause blocked ducts and lead to breast pain and/or infections. If you are planning to stop feeding(Feeding is recommended at least till the baby turns 2), do it gradually. Reduce the number of times from 4,3,2,1 and then none so that both mom and baby would be comfortable with the transitions.
  • Do not opt for feeding in sleeping posture. Though you could have heard success stories of the same, there are exceptions where babies aspirate the milk. So, don’t become an example of exceptions ! Sit comfortably and feed. Use pillows to support your back and opt for feeding pillow(Horseshoe shaped pillow) to hold the baby so that your arms are free for cuddle and pat.
  • Avoid Perfumes/Scents as babies love the smell of milk that lures them to suckle more. Also, there is a risk of those chemicals spreading over the nipple where babies latch on for their food. I even avoided to have Jasmine and other flavorful flowers in my hair for 2 years 😉
  • Avoid eating in hotels and avoid preserved foods too. Check out the foods to be avoided by Lactating Moms.


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