Clean Water

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Clean and Pure Drinking Water

Water, just not quenches the thirst but also complements good hydration and toxins expulsion.

For first 6 months, fully breast-fed babies don’t require water at all as breast milk is a correct concoction of all that is required for a baby including water.

Boiled water is highly recommended for bottle-fed,weaning babies and kids. Pollution has gifted contamination to air and water. Plant trees to purify air. Boil water to kill germs and any unseen impurities in it.

When boiling the water, many ppl tend to switch off the stove/kettle when steam starts escaping from water. But, that is not the recommended practice.

Don’t just boil but opt for full rolling boil, a stage when continuous bubbles are being produced from the bottom of the pot as below: Water - Full Rolling Boil

Tips for clean drinking water:

  • If your water has any visible granules, filter it before boiling.
  • Allow the water for a full rolling boil and let it to cool at room temperature.
  • Always keep the water in a closed container to stay away from pests and dusts.
  • When fetching water from the container, do not immerse the glass into the water as you might be transferring germs from your hand and the glass to the water. Instead, lift the container and pour the required water into the glass.
  • Boil the required quantity of water for today and use it completely. Boiled water remains clean only for 24 hrs.



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