Bath Powder

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Baby bath time is said to be the time when babies’ senses are so active. Do utilize the time to connect with the little one. Do not pursue bathing as a compulsive daily chore, but do make it an entertaining episode!

Babies/Kids enjoy bathing in a tub of water , splish splashing. I have witnessed the brightness in Nilaa’s eyes, whenever called for a bath –  especially tub bath in the garden is her favorite time-pass!

No worries if you don’t own a bathing tub. These tiny Lilliputs can fit in your bucket or any wide mouthed container. Than fancy, just the fun matters to them! Atleast, once in a week , entertain them with tub-bath..

Adding Neem Leaves to the water enhances the medicinal value of the bath. Check out my post on Neem bath.

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A 5 minute oil massage, just 20 minutes before bath is highly recommended. It relaxes the baby and enhances blood circulation. It is good for baby’s skin and muscles too. Do not heat oil for massaging babies.

For Nilaa, I used plain Almond oil(without additional fragrances) for the first 6 months as it is rich in Vitamin E and is mild on baby skin. After that, oil could be chosen depending upon weather conditions. Mustard oil is recommended in cold conditions as it has a warming effect and Sesame oil is recommended in hot weather as it has a cooling effect.

Unmindful of weather, coconut oil is highly recommended as an after-bath moisturizer. Check out my post on home-made Virgin coconut oil.

Nalungu Maavu/Bath powder is a natural substitute for soap and scrub. This natural mix of powders can be used by adults and babies for radiant skin and refreshing bath. Imparted pleasant smell is an add-on!

Herbal Bath Powder

Pregnant ladies can prefer this too. For just born babies, use chana dal powder(Kadalai maavu) or whole green gram powder alone for a month. Then, try adding turmeric powders and then gradually add each ingredient to check for allergies, if any. By the time baby turns one, you would have added all the ingredients. I have restricted bath turmeric powder for male babies as it is mainly used to remove hairs from body and face and he shouldn’t complain for Mustache brake in his teenage !

Bath Powder Preparation – Ingredients

Bath Turmeric Powder/Poosu Manjal Thool – 50g for female only
Wild Turmeric Powder/Kasthuri Manjal Thool – 250g for female, 100g for male
White Turmeric Powder/Poolankizhangu Podi – 25g
Khus Powder/Vettiver Podi  – 50g
Rose Petals Powder/Roja Idhazh Podi – 50g
Green Gram Powder/Pachapayir Maavu – 500g


Just mix all the ingredients 🙂
How to make Baby Bath Powder

Nota Bene

  • You shall add dried Orange Peels powder and dried Avaram flower petals powder too.
  • If you know a mill to grind bath powders, do get the solids(unground) with the same mentioned measures, dry them and grind it in the mill. I usually do not opt for store bought powders but this is an exception as it is for external application only 😉
  • Solids and powders will be available in Ayurvedic/Herbal Medical shops(Naatu Marundhu Kadai)
  • Just have the required quantity for a month in an air-tight container and use it daily. Store the rest in freezer and take the next batch when the first is over. The one in freezer keeps well for 6 months to 1 year.

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19 Responses to Bath Powder

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can we apply tiz fr 6 month baby

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can I use this for one month baby instead of soap?

    • Shyamala says:

      @Anonymous, For 1 month baby, just start with Chana dal powder(Kadalai Maavu). Then try adding whole green gram powder, turmeric powders and then gradually add each ingredient to check for allergies, if any.

  3. Raaga Logesh says:

    If we use this to our baby, shall we stop using the soap???

  4. Dhivya Ram says:

    Can we use this for boy babies as it contains turmeric

    • Shyamala says:

      @Dhivya, In the ingredients, I have mentioned to avoid bath turmeric powder for boy babies and recommended very minimal of wild turmeric powder. Please see ingredients box for details.

  5. padmapriya says:

    will this improve my baby complexion ? since my baby is dark

    • Shyamala says:

      @Padmapriya, All these are natural ingredients to bring natural fairness. Especially, Turmeric is universally used for good complexion. These are far better than any chemical products. Hope this helps..

  6. yogi says:

    your post is really helpful….

    i ve 2 and a half year old son. i wanna try tis for my son. jus wanna know which ingredients in this powder makes the skin dry.As he is suffering from atopic dermatitis.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi can we add cucumber seeds , mint leaves and neem leaves in this herbal powder?

    • Shyamala says:

      @Anonymous, Yes you can add sun-dried cucumber seeds and mint leaves powder. Dried neem leaves powder can also be added but the smell dominates the fragrance of other ingredients. I recommend adding fresh leaves or dried neem leaves powder in bathing water. Refer my post on Neem bath.

  8. Afna says:

    Hi.. how should we use this while giving bath to baby? Shall we just apply the powder all over the body and clean it off or should we make the powder sit for some time?

  9. Afna says:

    Is there any suggestion for homemade shampoo?? Please reply

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