7th Month

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Food for 7th Month Babies

After completing 6 months of exclusive breastfeed, this is the right time to start weaning – introducing to food other than mother’s milk. Continue to breastfeed till your kid’s second birthday at the least. Try to add/garnish mother’s milk in all the recipes you make for the baby so that you will be happy that you’ve mixed the most healthy liquid in this universe and the baby will be happy as the lil tongue still tastes the addictive liquid that it is fond of ! A win-win situation for both !

As already told, first start with the liquid foods for 2-3 weeks and then move gradually to other(puree) options.. When introducing new food to a baby, introduce only one new food in a day and let there be atleast 2 days gap in introducing next new food. Let the 2 days go with already introduced foods. If at all you see any odd behavior like vomiting/rashes/motion problems , let your Paediatrician take the call.

Food for 7th month baby:

  • Start with foods recommended in 4-6 months for first few days
  • Banana smash
  • Finger Millet milk – Ragi paal kanji
  • Idli with milk
  • Dal rice(paruppu saadham) – Toor/Moong dal
  • Green gram rice
  • Milk rice pudding(paal saadham) – Add fruit as natural sweetener
  • Veg puree – Carrot,Potato,pumpkin,sweet potato
  • Oats porridge + boiled apple/banana
  • Sago porridge (Javvarisi kanji)
  • Semolina porridge (Ravaa kanji)
  • wheat porridge(Godumai kanji)
  • Black gram porridge(Ulundhan kanji)
  • Dal + Carrot smash(masiyal)
  • Banana + Boiled Apple puree
  • Boiled Pear + Boiled Apple puree
  • Green beans, carrot,potato with dal
  • Yogurt – Banana can be added for natural sweetness
  • Sweet potato puree
  • Zucchini puree
  • Nendhran kaai podi(Raw Nendhran banana powder)
  • Cooked Nendhran banana(Riped)
  • Peas + Carrot puree
  • Plums


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