Pineapple Tonic for cough | The best home remedy for cough | Raw Pineapple and honey cures cough

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Pineapple is a natural way to cure cough. It really works!! Fresh pineapple juice mixed with honey cuts off cough by kicking off mucus. Try this natural tonic at your next cough!!

My kid Nilaa had sleep-disturbing cough last month. Turmeric Pepper milk kept her cough at bay during the daytime. Honey and pepper made her sleep till midnight. But after that, cough ruled over. Sleepless night. I miss my Karpuravalli Kashayam/Oregano Tonic(Click here for link) that acted as best cough-killer in India. Then my friend(Mrs.Revathi Prabahar) here(in USA),  suggested Pineapple juice. Thanks a ton Rev ji! It worked well and she  we had a sound sleep with no sounds of cough ! I gave this juice for 3 continuous days and the cough was completely off.

Then I googled about the role of pineapple in curing cough. I read that enzyme “bromelain” present in Pine-apple is a natural anti-inflammatory that dissolves the mucus in lungs.

Instead of opting for Pine-apple flavored cough syrup, fresh pineapple juice seems to be the best way to cure cough.If your baby has any food allergy, it is always advisable to wait till 1 year to start with acidic fruits like orange, lemon and pineapple. Else, you shall introduce pineapple around 8-10 months of age.

My Pediatrician advised to avoid “Honey” till she turns 2 as it might cause “Botulism”. So, I have recommended this recipe for 2+years babies.

Eating Pineapple is safe during pregnancy unless it is not an overdose. 1 slice(the whole circle including the core) per day will keep your morning sickness at bay. This fresh pineapple tonic is safe during pregnancy. If you have spotting problems(before or during pregnancy), then consult your doctor before having pineapple.

Raw Pineapple Tonic Recipe – Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Makes : 3/4 Cup | Suits: 2+ Years babies and whole family

Pineapple – 2 circles
Honey – 1 tsp
Water – 1/4 cup


1.Wash pineapple and cut out the top leafy part. Then, cut the outer skin. I usually wash it again 😉2.Cut into circles. Take 2 circles one over the other. Cut horizontally and vertically so that they are chopped into bite-sized pieces.3.Take the pieces in a mixie jar and puree them well without any lumps. Then add 1/4 cup of water.4.Again grind them for several pulses. Then, filter them using a sieve. Press with a spoon to extract all drops.5.Add a tsp of honey and mix well until it is fully dissolved.

Drink immediately. Get well soon !


  • Filtering the juice is optional. You can drink as such, if you prefer.
  • Add some pepper powder or finely crushed pepper on top for faster relief.
  • Mine was so sweet as pineapple was well ripened. You shall increase honey to 1 tbsp for more sweetness.
  • For additional sweetness, you can add panangalkandu(Palm candy) in 1/4 cup water, dissolve it and then filter it to add in pineapple juice instead of plain water while grinding. Palm candy is good for cold and sore throat.

Nutritional Benefits

Pineapple – Dietary Fiber, Iron , Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Protein, Vitamins A,B & C
Honey – Protein, Vitamins B&C, Folates, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and other minerals


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can u post babies food and home remedies

    • Shyamala says:

      I am regularly posting baby recipes. You shall check month-wise baby recipes by clicking the respective images in the right side of the website. Regarding home remedies, till 2 years, mother’s milk is the best home remedy for baby. Mom can take the home remedies and feed baby via breast milk.

  2. Jessica says:

    Here are Five Easy Home Remedies to Cure your Toddler’s Cough.I hope this will helpful for all moms

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