Hadjod/Pirandai Chutney | Calcium rich food

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Pirandai ChutneyHadjod capsules are prescribed to increase bone strength and to accelerate fracture healing. Include calcium and phosphorus rich pirandai(Hadjod) in your weekly diet and say bye to Osteoporosis/weak bones.

Other names of Pirandai – Hadjod, Veldt Grape, Devil’s Backbone, Adamant Creeper, Asthisamharaka(that which prevents the destruction of bones).

Analgesic property of Pirandai lowers menstrual pain too. Lactating moms can take this weekly once to compensate the loss of calcium and to increase lactation. Specially recommended to all girls and women to maintain their bone strength. I started giving pirandai to my kid from her age of 2.Pirandai Chutney-2

Pirandai Chutney Recipe – Ingredients

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins
Serves : 4 | Suits: 2+ Years babies and whole family

Hadjod/Pirandai – Handful
Coconut – 5 pieces
Tamarind – Small gooseberry(Nellikkai) size
Hing/Perungaayam – 1 pinch
Bengal gram/Channa dal/Kadalai Paruppu – 1 tbsp
Full Urad dal/Muzhu Ulundhu – 1 tbsp
Dry red chilli – 1
Onion – 2
Tomato – 2
Curry leaves – Few
Corriander leaves – Few
Gingelly Oil/Nallennai – 1 1/4 tsp
Mustard seeds – 1/4 tsp
Urad dal/Ulundhu – 1/4 tsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Water – 3/4 cup


1.Select tender pirandai and remove the leaves. Peel out the edges using knife.How to make pirandai chutney step-12.Peel out all four edges as shown below and discard the peels.How to make pirandai chutney step-23.Wash well in water. Keep the items ready as shown below..How to make pirandai chutney step-34.Cut onions, tomatoes and coconut. In a kadai, add 1/4 tsp oil and fry dry red chilli.How to make pirandai chutney step-45.Take out red chilli , add channa dal and full urad dal to the same kadai and roast till slightly browned. Take out fried dal and add 1/4 tsp more oil and fry cleaned pirandai.How to make pirandai chutney step-56.Fry for a minute and then add coconut piecces along with tamarind. Fry well till pirandai changes pale. Then add a generous pinch of hing(Perungaayam).How to make pirandai chutney step-67.Take out the fried stuffs and add 1/2 tsp more oil. Fry onions until it become translucent. Add tomatoes and fry well.How to make pirandai chutney step-78.Fry till tomatoes become soft. Add curry leaves, coriander leaves and salt.How to make pirandai chutney step-89.Give a quick stir and switch off. Transfer contents to a plate and let it cool down completely. In a mixie jar, first add fried urad dal, channa dal and red chilli.How to make pirandai chutney step-910.Powder it first and then add the remaining stuffs and grind it.How to make pirandai chutney step-1010.Add lil water and grind to the desired consistency. Rinse mixie and add that water too, if required.How to make pirandai chutney step-1111.Taste it and add more salt if required. In 1/4 tsp of hot oil, add mustard seeds.How to make pirandai chutney step-1212.Once spluttered, add urad dal and curry leaves. Pour this tempering into chutney and mix well.How to make pirandai chutney step-13   Healthy and tasty pirandai chutney is ready! Serve with idli/dosa/oothappam..
Pirandai Chutney-3


  • Apply oil in hands while handling pirandai else it might cause itching of hands.
  • Select tender pirandai, else there might be itching in the tongue after eating.
  • Do not add more pirandai. Just 5 pieces per person should suffice.
  • Pirandai is available in uzhavar sandhai(Farmer’s market). Any greens-seller should get you this when requested.
  • You shall grow pirandai at home by planting a joining edge in the soil.

Pirandai Chutney-4

Nutritional Benefits

Hadjod/Pirandai – Calcium & Phosphorus rich, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory


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  1. s.mahalakshmi says:

    hai shyam really super

  2. N. Chitra says:

    A healthy chutney replaces regular tomato chutney.

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