Grand Parents

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Grand ParentsIn our generation , most of us enjoyed the stories of thatha paatti(Grand Parents) and had Nilaa choru(Moon rice) in the Terrace with the whole family posing to Moon’s light and chewing healthy delights!

Grand parents added more values to our lives and have given us golden memories to reminisce. Especially, this vacation season flashes fun-filled fantastic pasts!

To my knowledge, they never told “No” to us. We get all affirmative responses and we wondered that we would have even got the moon if asked for !

They hilariously narrate the childhood mischiefs of dad and often relate our good deeds to dad’s. Though dad won’t be at home during daytime, the stories of his childhood bring us more closer to him and grandpa makes dad to be omnipresent! They tell us how they felt proud when dad performed well in Academics and impart us the feeling of giving the same pride back to our parents.

We get to know about mom during vacation times when we fly to maternal grandparents’ place. As we occasionally show up there, we will be treated as special guests and over-pampered there! We get all goodies in one shot!

We had no work other than eating and playing! We had an open atrium(Muttram) in the center of their house and during half-yearly holidays when it rains, we used to block the outlet and enjoy the instant swimming pool !

But now, kids’ summer vacations go in front of TV or mobile. As the synonym of playing is now changed to mobile/tablet games, this type of playing will still make Jack a dull boy!

With the increase in Old age homes and the demand for “Nuclear Families” , Grand Parents just remain as aliens to many kids today. Growing with Parents itself have become rare now as both are being bread-winners, baby’s bread is fed by baby-sitters!

If you have the chance to make your kid spend time with their grand parents, please do use the opportunity. In this summer vacation, cancel your visit to cottage and plan to add colors to their dotage(old age). They might not be good to your partner, but they can’t be bad to their grand children ! They might be uneducated, but their experience will sure be a value-add to your kid.

From birth, Nilaa is enjoying her days with the involvement of her grand parents. She spoke early at 1+ yr and the credit goes to my in-laws. In occasional visits, she spends some time with her great grand parents(kollu thatha paati) too 🙂

Back from her preschool, she narrates her school activities thrice .. Once to me just on the way back from school .. Once to her grand parents just after entering the home.. Once to her dad in the night ..

They have become an integral part of her life and she has in-turn added bliss to their life 🙂

Lots of stories & loads of glories are treasured by grand parents. Unleash your kid for the valuable Treasure Hunt ! Happy Holidays..

The chair in the pic is Sathya’s grandpa’s chair and I clicked this when I visited his native last time.. On the same day, I clicked the pic of calf suckling milk from cow and I still personally admire that pic.. Do check out by clicking here..


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  1. Jayanthi says:

    Very touching..missing my grandma n village a lot…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Showed this to my friends very much impressed.keep it up.

  3. Mahalakshmi says:

    You took me to my days with my grandparents.. thankyou. Ur page is excellent!!

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