Babies Multigrain Powder

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Homemade Sathu Maavu Recipe for Babies-1Multigrain powder or Oota sathu maavu is a worthwhile mix discovered by our ancestors. Variety of nutrients smartly seized in a single mix!

Though it demands time and patience in the making, it actually saves your time once made ready. Yes, you could make the healthiest breakfast in just 5 mins for your next 6 months 😉

You start multigrain porridge when your baby turns 1 so that the yet developing taste buds get accustomed to this taste and do not deny anymore. If you introduce after 2 years of age, there is a probability not to accept the taste. So, do start when she is still a baby and avoid the tug of war in the future.

Grains to be sprouted for Sathu Maavu

Ingredients for babies Sathu Maavu


Babies Sathu Maavu Recipe – Ingredients

Preparation Time : 2 hours | Frying Time : 15 mins | Waiting Time : 2-3 days
Makes : 1.9kg | Suits: 1 to 2 years babies

Green gram/Pachai payiru – 250g
Pearl Millet/Kambu – 250g
Finger Millet/Ragi – 250g
Sorghum/Solam – 250g
Samba Wheat – 250g
Barley Rice – 50g
Boiled Rice/Pulungal Arisi – 200g
Fried Chana Dal – 200g
Almonds/Badam – 100g
Cashewnuts – 100g
Cardamom/Aelakkaai – 5 pieces


Please refer to kids/adults multigrain powder already posted. The procedure is same. Just the ingredients are less for babies below 2 years. Peanuts, Maize, Soya & Red rice are recommended to be introduced after 2 years of age. Do not skip boiled rice as it gives a good taste for the babies to start with!

Homemade Sathu Maavu Recipe for Babies-2


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