Parenting – Bad Touch

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Parenting-Beware of Bad TouchCute and innocent smile of a child will surely call for a sticky kiss. It would be so hard to pull the lips off the chubby cheeks. Children bring down the heaven for us to relish.

But, what relishes us might stimulate sensual feelings in some scoundrels. They may be still a kid to us, but not all eyes are same which is evidential from the increasing child abuse crimes !

Paedophiles or Child Molesters are scattered across the world and recently many such crimes and criminals are lugged to the limelight & law. In olden days, girls seemed to be free from the predators atleast till they attained puberty. But now, cases have been filed where the victim is a 6-month old baby ! What a tragic threat this modern era is imposing on us ??!!

Both male and female children are becoming victims.I endure deep agony whenever I think about those abused pathetic kids and be more conscious that my kid should not become a victim .

Protecting our child from Paedophiles is of paramount important. As there are many social animals living amidst us, we should be more responsible in bringing awareness in our kid. Even schools are becoming insecure and not all of us could afford to schools equipped with complete surveillance cameras.

Places and persons might vary but the peril/danger remains the same. Parents have to protect their children by all means !  Never ever believe in anyone as not all the Molesters are strangers. Your best friend’s hubby might sound so sweet and would generously accept to take care of the kids when you both step out for shopping. Nooooooo … Never give a chance !

Till the age of 2, it is your responsibility to leave the baby in safe hands. Once they turn 2, it is time to enlighten the kid. The child abusers are said to target vulnerable kids. So, make your kid invulnerable.

Don’t lecture or frighten them. In mild motherese tone, tell them not to eat any food offered by strangers and do not go anywhere with strangers unless mom/dad accompanies them. Daily while giving them a bath,  have a short play of good and bad touch thus teaching them the parts of the body too..

Nilaa is aware that only her mom is allowed to clean her private parts and she calls it as a bad touch even if my MIL tries to clean when giving her a bath occasionally. Even mom(myself) is not entertained for a bad touch outside the bathroom.

Discuss the daily deeds with the kid and don’t ignore any simple complaint/discomfort shared and address them properly. Be more approachable to the kid.. Together, let us evict this evil ! Shout out your support .. Happy and safe parenting !


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