2-4 years

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2-4 Years Kids FoodNot a caution , but the fact .. Nilaa was so obliged till the week she turned 2. I didn’t expect the drastic change in just a week. Not an exaggeration for sure!

She started

– to do the dont’s

– saying no to some foods

– performing the opposites

– staying stubborn in her likes

– Running in the road plucking her hand off from me

In short, she became too naughty .. The only remedy is distracting her from the deeds I dislike .. Just say no to beating/scolding/yelling as it might have a negative impact. By now, you would have introduced her to many characters from crow & elephant to Mickey & Teddy! When she behaves naughty, try distracting her by short stories involving her favorite characters narrated in motherese language.. Try to build a story with every deed , so that she relates to that and enjoys the story & the deed as well..

Its high time to teach them good and bad touch. Please read my parenting article on bad touch.

 Food for 2-4 years kids:

  • Include all her favorite foods introduced till 2 years too
  • Change the textures of food as the sprouted strong teeth are craving for a variety of bites
  • Honey can now be added to the diet
  • Do check the addition of nutrients in multigrain porridge from this year
  • Daily give 2-4 cashewnuts to crunch
  • Daily give 1-2 deseeded raisins(Opt for Angoor(a raisin variety which is bigger in size, tastes good and eases the stool) dried grapes available in supermarkets)
  • Relish them with homemade noshes like Millets murukku, healthy laddoos and more!
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10 Responses to 2-4 years

  1. Rajalakshmi says:

    This site is very useful. Thanks for useful information’s

  2. Prabakumar says:

    my kid Shree Rakshan Kumar. 3 and half years old. He is so good habits in food and also habits. I learnt my ideas from this website. Thank you Shyamala. How is your kid?……

    • Shyamala says:

      @Praba, Thanks for your kind words. Do follow the site for more healthy ideas.. All the best for Shree Rakshan’s bright and healthy future.. My kid Nilaa is fine , Thank you 🙂

  3. Prabakumar says:

    Advance Happy Pongal to you and your family Shyamala. This site is very useful to my son Rakshan.

  4. Rekhasanthanam says:

    My son is 7 yrs old…till now he is not chewing his food he’s just swallowing…don’t know wat to do…but other biscuits,chips snacks he bites but in the case of food he’s not .pls help me

    • Shyamala says:

      @Rekha, I too faced the same problem with my kid. I used to insist her for each spoon to chew well. First try to educate him that digestion starts from mouth. Add that poor belly don’t have teeth to grind the food. To become more stronger, he need to help tummy in grinding the food to absorb all the nutrients. Keep encouraging. I did this from her age of 3 and it took a whole year to succeed. She is now 4+ and happily chews her food!! Do try persistently.. All the best !

      • Anusha says:

        Hi Shyamala, Found your blog today !
        Just wanted to share that I faced the same problem with my 3+ daughter. The pediatrician (in India) asked me to make her food more grainy and this helped her to start chewing 🙂 Lemon rice, biriyani, white rice mixed (uncrushed) with sambar helped me to get my kid started with chewing her food.. Thought this might help Rekshasanthanam and your other readers.

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